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The Impossible Quiz Book

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The Impossible Quiz Book - the most recent edition of the popular game. If you have already played both versions of the impossible quiz, now it's time to try something even more tricky and difficult. At our website you can test your skills and play all versions of the impossible quiz book for free. The upgraded graphics as well as new questions make this game just awesome. You have a single mission - give answer to the questions.

The Impossible Quiz book is the most recent version of the game, developed by Slapp-Me-Do. After the huge success of the impossible quiz and impossible quiz 2, the developer created the new version with 150 tricky questions. The impossible quiz book is split up into 3 chapters with 50 questions in each one.

The first chapter of the game features typical questions of the impossible quiz with the same theme, while the second one is inspired by the video games. In the third chapter of the impossible quiz book you will find questions about time-traveling.

How To Play The Impossible Quiz Book

Even though that the gameplay is rather easy, some people fail to understand the game idea. The fact that this is quiz game doesn't make the questions easier. Some levels of the game don't even have visible answers on the screen, you will have to do some actions or solve puzzles to reveal answer. Also keep in mind that there are some time levels in the impossible quiz book. If you fail to answer on time - the bomb will explode and you will fail.

The Impossible Quiz Book Answers

Even though that playing this game with cheats is not interesting, some people stuck on difficult question and can't go on. Now everything is much easier with the complete list of answers. You can find the list of answers below but use them wisely. Don't forget that using cheats doesn't make this game funny and interesting.   Click Here To Get Answers

The Impossible Quiz Book - My Strategy

The first thing that you should keep in mind while playing this game is that you should not take it too seriously. Even though that some of the questions may seem a bit difficult, all of them are a bit funny and silly. The greatest strategy is to think outside the box and never rush, even when you think that you know the correct answer. Think twice before clicking the answer. Also remember that you have Skip buttons which you can use to skip difficult question.  Enjoy playing the full version of the impossible quiz book at our website.